Traveling the Back Roads of the Palouse

One of my most favorite things to do is gas up my pickup, grab a roll or two of film, throw it in my camera bag and set out exploring the back roads of where I live. I live in such a diverse area from the rolling farmland of the Palouse to the rugged cliffs of the snake river canyon. I often take for granted the opportunity that surrounds me within a short drive.  

Somewhere on the Idaho/Washington border. Neopan 400 on the Pentax 67.

Today I had a thought. While so many travel here each year (and that number is growing exponentially) to photograph the crops covering the rolling landscape in the spring whilst the green is so vibrant the saturation slider becomes your enemy. Few get to see this area other times of the year when it is just as beautiful, albeit in a different way. 

When winter gives way to the melt off of spring those same hills and cropland many of which harbor the dormant plants that provide life to the region, become like a zebras back striped with black and white. 

Northeast of my hometown Genesee, ID. Neopan 400 on the Pentax 67.

It is home to me and often times I can't wait to plan a trip somewhere else where new subjects lie. As life moves forward though and I become... cough, cough older-ish I am learning to appreciate my home for it's subtleties and undiscovered beauty.  It is a journey I doubt I will finish and that's perfectly fine with me.